Almenara-Pro fast harrows

Almenara Pro fast harrows

  • Secondary soil work quickly and efficiently.
  • Ideal machine for an optimal work with large amount of stubble and organic debris, or for leveling the soil after plowing.
  • Lightweight construction for lower power requirements.
  • Rigid and robust frame.
  • ∅ 620 mm heavy-duty toothed discs.
  • Discs with ∅ 40 mm elastomers suspension: silent during operation and maintenance-free.
  • Discs mounted with an optimal angle of attack.
  • 12-15 km/h working speed with high stubble.
  • Lower fuel consumption than conventional disc harrows.
  • High load capacity bearings, with two heavy-duty ball bearings, double sealed and independently greased, maintenance-free.
  • Bearing housings in seamless steel tubing.
  • Lateral deflectors.
  • ∅ 580 mm rear rod roller with hydraulic adjustment or ∅ 580 mm angled roller with hydraulic adjustment.

Technical features

ModelRequired powerFoldingWorking widthTransport widthNo. discs∅ discsHitch categoryApprox. weight.
WITHOUT roller
Weight ∅ 500 mm
cage roller
Weight ∅ 580 mm
angled roller
ALMENARA-PRO-3024120-140 HPFixed3,00 m3,00 m24620 mmII1415 kg310 kg395 kg
ALMENARA-PRO-3528140-160 HPFixed3,50 m3,50 m (*)28620 mmII1650 kg360 kg480 kg
ALMENARA-PRO-4032160-180 HPFixed4,00 m4,00 m (*)32620 mmII1820 kg410 kg505 kg
ALMENARA-PRO-4032-PC140-180 HPFolded4,00 m2,40 m32620 mmII2440 kg410 kg505 kg
ALMENARA-PRO-5040-PC180-200 HPFolded5,00 m2,40 m40620 mmII2760 kg520 kg740 kg
ALMENARA-PRO-6048-PC200-260 HPFolded6,00 m2,40 m48620 mmII3080 kg620 kg790 kg
ALMENARA-PRO-7056-PC260-320 HPFolded7,00 m2,40 m56620 mmII3400 kg720 kg960 kg

(*) Models with total width > 3,05 m (please refer to the current traffic regulations in force in your country).

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