Dynamic Scan

Dynamic Scan, the digitalization of subsoilers

Dynamic Scan by JYMPA, the digitalization of subsoilers


The DYNAMIC SCAN system installed on the hydraulic equipments, measures the hardness or degree of compaction of each point of the soil and generates hardness maps in real time.
This makes it possible to precisely analyze the needs of the soil and, by means of the roller connected to the system, automatically perform a job with a variable depth according to the set configuration.
The result is a more optimal work both in terms of soil sustainability and savings in working time and fuel used.

The Dynamic Scan kit contains:

  • Electronic box with support.
  • Tablet SIM + power cable + support.
  • Group of 7 solenoids with sensors for connection to electronic box.
  • 4 sectors sensors.
  • Ultrasonic sensors.
  • Pressure sensor.
  • Temperature sensor.


the degree of

of a soil

variable depth
in real time



Available for the entire range of machines with hydraulic safety arms


Dynamic Scan by JYMPA, the digitalization of subsoilers