Mymertia stone pickers for small stones

Mymertia stone pickers for small stones

Stop going around small stones

  • Increase the yield and the revaluation of the land.
  • Protect sensitive machinery such as harvesters or rotocultivators.
  • Collects small stones, up to 20 cm in diameter, from the surface of the ground.
  • The stones are collected by a rotor equipped with combs or blades, equipped with safety springs, mounted on a floating shaft.
  • As the rotor picks up the stones, it deposits them in a hopper that is then emptied to one side of the farm or in a trailer.
  • Rotor powered with the PTO of the tractor.
  • Hydraulic hopper lift.
  • Spare parts that are easy to install.


Grate with different thickness

Instead of the standard 50mm grate, a grate of 30, 40, 70, etc. mm can be installed to collect larger or smaller stones.

Hydraulic coupling

It allows more comfortable and more precise control of the work depth.

Hydraulic circuit selector solenoid valve

Optional for model MYM-205 DX with hydraulic coupling, it allows using the hydraulic circuits of the hopper, the double chassis (DX) and the coupling, with a tractor that only has 2 independent hydraulic circuits.

Technical features

No. of
No. of
hopper blades
MYM-185060-080 HP2.10 m2.10 m2.04 m4.97 m2.70 m31.82 m84111.5/80 R 15.3"3000 kg
MYM-205 AM070-090 HP2.48 m2.48 m2.04 m5.50 m3.30 m31.82 m952285/70 R 19.5"3880 kg
MYM-205 DX070-090 HP2.48 m2.48 m2.04 m5.50 m3.30 m32.40 m952285/70 R 19.5"4180 kg

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