Dymantia stone pickers for large and medium stones

Dymantia stone pickers for large and medium stones

Stop going around large stones

  • Increase the yield and the revaluation of the land .
  • Protect sensitive machinery such as harvesters or rotocultivators.
  • Picks up large stones, 8-10 cm up to 200-300 kg, from the surface of the ground.
  • The stones are collected by a barbed rake, deposited in a hopper and finally emptied on the side of the farm.
  • Fully hydraulic
  • High robustness and reliability. For life.
  • Excellent results on highly rocky terrain.
  • Wide range of models. For tractors of all powers.
  • Spare parts that are easy to install.


Extra bottom grate

To make a larger sieve and collect smaller stones.

Hydraulic coupling

Allows you to rotate better in narrow places.

Technical features

No. of
DYM-160065-090 HP1.96 m1.60 m1.66 m4.21 m1.50 m31.50 m97.50 / 161675 kg
DYM-210090-130 HP2.33 m2.00 m1.48 m4.77 m1.95 m31.22 m97.50 / 162150 kg
DYM-210-XL100-140 HP2.32 m1.87 m1.93 m5.03 m3.00 m31.65 m128.25 / 152980 kg
DYM-240120-140 HP2.74 m2.37 m1.50 m4.77 m2.55 m31.24 m118.25 / 152400 kg
DYM-240-XL140-160 HP2.90 m2.37 m2.00 m5.03 m3.98 m31.72 m15285 / 70 R 19.5 "3520 kg
DYM-210-NM150-180 HP2.33 m2.05 m2.08 m5.45 m3.50 m31.98 m9315 / 80 R 22.5 "3640 kg

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