Ecoter vegetal ground cover roller

Ecoter vegetal ground cover roller

  • Shredding roller for organic crops as an alternative to grass cutting or mulching.
  • The blades press, bend and fold the stems of the mulch between the vines. The result is a blanket of organic matter on the soil that enriches it with nutrients, promotes good composting and protects it from weed growth.
  • The vegetal cover is kept alive and resprouts at the folding point providing another blanket of organic matter.
    In leguminous cover crops, this method stimulates the growth of Rhizobia (Rhizobium), increasing the effect of nitrogen harvesting.
  • Wide variety of models, for all plantation frameworks.
  • Interchangeable blades.
  • Water refillable.
  • Up to 20 km/h of working speed.
  • Easy and intuitive operation.
  • With lateral deflectors.

Technical features

ModelMachine widthWorking widthNo. blades∅ rollersApprox weight.
empty / full
ECOTER-10001.09 m1.00 m20475 mm215 / 300 kg
ECOTER-12001.29 m1.20 m20475 mm260 / 360 kg
ECOTER-15001.59 m1.50 m20475 mm325 / 450 kg
ECOTER-16001.69 m1.60 m20475 mm350 / 475 kg
ECOTER-18001.89 m1.80 m20475 mm390 / 540 kg
ECOTER-20002.09 m2.00 m20475 mm435 / 600 kg
ECOTER-22002.29 m2.20 m20475 mm475 / 660 kg
ECOTER-30003.09 m3.00 m20475 mm655 / 900 kg
ECOTER-2600-EH1.89 - 3.69 m1.80 - 3.69 m40475 mm800 / 1100 kg

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