Balam stubble field cultivators

Balam stubble field cultivator

High voltage cultivators

  • Curved grates, turn the earth and go deeper.
  • The discs prevent the formation of furrows.
  • Secondary soil work quickly and efficiently.
  • Deep work: between 20 and 45 cm deep.
  • Very strong arm, 80x30 mm.
  • High clearance, suitable for terrains with a lot of stubble.
  • It is not necessary to use a chopper.
  • The roller perfects the work leaving the ground smooth.
  • In some cases it can replace the work of a subsoiler.
  • Spare parts that are easy to install.



To regulate the depth of work of the cultivator and to crumble the clods of earth. It can be single or double.

Technical features

No. of
FoldingWidth with
smooth roller
DepthNo. of
FT-2500120-160 HP3Fixed2.50 m20-45 cm81430 kg
FT-3000150-180 HP3Fixed3.05 m20-45 cm101720 kg
FT-4000180-220 HP3Central hydraulic4.00 m (*)20-45 cm142520 kg
FT-4500220-240 HP3Central hydraulic4.50 m (*)20-45 cm162950 kg
FT-5000240-260 HP3Central hydraulic5.00 m (*)20-45 cm183290 kg

(*) When the machine is folded, its total width is less than or equal to 3.05 m according to current traffic regulations.

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