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Our last soil loosener to discompact large fields

We introduce you the new soil loosener JYMPA DB5-OL-PH for large fields. It loosens the terrains with stubble or pastures, up to 45 cm depth and with little alteration of the surface, leaving them ready for seeding. Very efficient, even in wet terrains it doesn’t lift clods. 5 double tines […]

JYMPA, to conquer the world from the first day

Via Empresa, the online business suplement of El Mon newspaper, has set its sights on the history of JYMPA as an export company in Catalonia: the origins of the company, the first products, the motivations to export, the markets where it works, the future of the sector, … everything is […]

JYMPA’s presence at FIMA 2018

From 20 to 24 february, JYMPA attended to the 40th edition of FIMA fair at Zaragoza (Spain). In these 5 days, JYMPA received the visit and made agreements with many visitors and distributors throughout Spain, as well as importers from Portugal, France, Hungary, Lithuania, England, Mexico, Senegal, Argelia, Libia, Lebanon […]

Fima 2018, feria referente del sector agrícola

FIMA 2018

JYMPA at FIMA 2018

JYMPA will participate in the 2017 FIMA Fair to be held from February 20 to 24 in Zaragoza (Spain).It will be a good opportunity for customers and distributors in Spain to get a first-hand look at all the novelties in agricultural mechanization in soil preparation.We will be at hall 8, stand […]

JYMPA’s presence at Agritechnica 2017

After a few years, JYMPA attended the last edition of Agritechnica fair in Hannover again, celebrated from 12 to 18 november, introducing its last novelties in soil preparation machinery.At JYMPA’s stand, little farmers were met, just like big agricultural companies, dealers and importers from Germany, Central Europe and the rest […]

JYMPA presentó en Agritechnica las novedades en maquinaría agrícola

Subsoladores para tractores

Subsoilers for high-power tractors

In the last two decades, tractors with great potential have appeared on the market, mainly for agricultural entrepreneurs with large areas of crops, where machines are needed for the most demanding jobs. Cover image: Bravo Till subsoiler with hydraulic safety and folding system SJ-9R-BT-OL-PH. Single-row subsoiler with safety and hydraulic folding […]

JYMPA Looseners and subsoilers with cutting discs

In its issue of July 2017, the magazine Professional AGRO published a report on JYMPA looseners and subsoilers with cutting discs, similar to traditional subsoilers, but with characteristics that make them more appropriate for crops such as vineyards and wooded areas, pasture areas, or farms cultivated with more environmentally friendly […]

Descompactadores y subsoladore con discos de corte JYMPA

Feria Internacional de Agricultura

JYMPA at Agritechnica 2017

JYMPA will participate in the 2017 Agritechnica Fair to be held from November 12 to 18 in Hanover (Germany). It will be a good opportunity for customers and distributors in Central Europe to get a first-hand look at JYMPA subsoilers, cultivators, disc harrows, destoners and combined equipment. We will be […]

JYMPA at Demoagro 2017

JYMPA participated on May 9, 10 and 11, 2017 at the Demoagro 2017 agricultural machinery demonstration fair, in the “La Granja” area of ​​the town of San Clemente (Cuenca, Spain). Even though the event was slightly ruined by the weather, the organization was exceptional and the attendees came in en […]

JYMPA presenta máquinas agrícolas innovadora en Demoagro