JYMPA’s presence at FIMA 2018

From 20 to 24 february, JYMPA attended to the 40th edition of FIMA fair at Zaragoza (Spain). In these 5 days, JYMPA received the visit and made agreements with many visitors and distributors throughout Spain, as well as importers from Portugal, France, Hungary, Lithuania, England, Mexico, Senegal, Argelia, Libia, Lebanon and other countries.

Among the novelties exhibited by JYMPA in FIMA 2018, it highlighted a 9 fixed arms double-row subsoiler with hydraulic folding, with a total working width of 4.62m, specially developed for the biggest tractors that have appeared in the market, that caused a sensation to many visitors.

Furthermore, due to the increasing number of hectares of direct sowing crops, a 4 arms discompact with packer roller, and a subsoiler with cutting discs and a flat roller were also exhibited. These machines are specially suitable to do a deep labour with no surface disturbance, typical feature of these kind of crops and pasture areas.

They could also be observed the two classic JYMPA stone pickers models to remove all kind of stones from the surface of the terrain, as well as two different subsoilers for crops with stubbles, a specially reinforced 40x80 mm 17 arms superxissel cultivator, with a working width of 4.70m, a high clearance and hydraulic folding, for hard terrains or with stubbles, appart from a two single arms discompact specially designed to discompact the soil of vineyards or tree plantations, where the continuous passage of heavy machinery compacts the soil and doesn't allow the water filtration and the correct developing of the roots.

Due to the magnitude of the fair both nationally and internationally, the number of visitors and interested people were very high and the final assessment results very positive. FIMA is one of the best showcases to knew the technical novelties and the global trends in agricultural mechanization for the next years.

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