why is word choice important in communication

For someone nearing retirement, she caught on to that new software quickly. Some common imprecise word choices that can almost always be replaced with stronger, more precise words include the following: good, bad, thing, stuff, important. The above sentence is imprecise. When filing the report, employees should make sure they included yesterday’s data. Whether to-the-point or elaborate, our messages are sent across to one another in a manner that is either understandable, vague or distorted. If you are going to use slang, however, make sure that you’re using it correctly. Yara loves running, swimming, and biking. The business’s reputation also grows—not in a blatant way but in a behind-the-scenes way. Obviously, communication is strengthened by distinct enunciation and by attention to pronunciation. To process your refund, the store needs several pieces of documentation. First, it … Reserve passive verbs for the moment you need to say “no” in a message. Parallelism is really helpful when you’re making lists, tables, or outlines. For example, plumbers might use terms like elbow, ABS, sweating the pipes, reducer, flapper, snake, and rough-in. Correct word choice creates an accurate picture of the writer's topic that is both unique and easy to understand. If you are writing informally or humorously, slang and idiomatic language may help you better express yourself. Compound-complex sentences — you can probably figure this one out from the name and the example: While Amanita looked for the ball, Fido chased a grasshopper, and Whiskers looked bored. I know exactly what do do with the claim now. Any of the three are equally helpful, and the choice should be made based on what the organization or the writer prefers. The pay the contractor receives is equal to the time and materials used. The Importance of Word Choice. For example, if you talk about Jane Goodall and Henry Harlow, you should say “Goodall and Harlow,” not “Jane and Harlow” or “Goodall and Henry.” This is something that would carry on through your entire paper. Seen another way, it’s context. When the passive voice is used too frequently, it can make your writing seem flat and drab. ” Whatever your particular quirks, become aware of them and take care to look for and fix them when you edit your work. ~ Tasks to be completed before the end of the quarter: ABC Company loves the opportunity to fill your Pick n Pack order. Then check your parallelism by making sure that each of the items represents the same part of speech. It is not clear what step must be taken next. Finally, watch your wordiness. The audience (your reader, if the message is written) is the receiver of the business communication. This is different from the prose of novels or the beat of poetry in which taking pleasure in the complexity of sentences is part of the experience. You could argue that the first sentence is correct in that “cooking,” “jogging,” and “to read” are all grammatically valid conclusions to “She likes.” However, when you put them together, the lack of parallelism leads to an incorrect sentence. To understand this concept, think about learning to change a tire. It sure seemed like the lawyer was trying to confuse the meaning. A person, in general, chooses words to which he feels comfortable, confident, and simple enough for a general audience to understand. Your job as a writer is to ensure that you consider your audience’s needs when writing, including word choice and organization. Doing this well enhances the writer’s reputation. The next hurdle is to figure out a way to eliminate any inherent sexism without disrupting the flow of the piece. Business Communication Skills for Managers, http://sites.utexas.edu/legalwriting/2015/04/29/manage-your-sentence-length-2/, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting_the_messenger, https://courses.lumenlearning.com/styleguide/. Think of the beat of poetry or songs and how it makes the words easy to remember and predict. When choosing between terms to refer to a group, it is best to ask a member of that group what they prefer. For example, in an engineering firm, you may be writing documentation for managers, peers in your field, human resources staff, accountants, or co-op students. Euphemisms are words or phrases used to talk about unpleasant or taboo topics in a more polite way. Why is it more important to monitor your word choice in a professional environment than in personal communication exchanges But the truth is, the words and phrases you use can have a very real impact on your team's morale and productivity. Despite this sentences being completely grammatically sound, we don’t know who lost the sale if we only read the passive sentence. Writing cleanly and concisely doesn’t mean writing like a robot. Selecting a word because it sounds “smarter” or “more academic” can result in using words incorrectly, which detracts from the credibility of your argument. Here are a few more examples of parallelism in which the elements are all different lengths and types: Jackson and Krista are cooking dinner, David and Rogelio are setting the table, and Ollie and Ron are picking up dessert. The importance of good grammar in business communications is definitely something that all companies should keep in mind, regardless of their size or the industry they operate in.

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