ominosity in a sentence

find out your ominosity quotient. It was because she was a Hunter. Written by Brian August 13, 2017 August 13, 2017. The duke of Wellington, Sir Robert Peel and several other members of the ministry, moved perhaps by personal animosity, and certainly by dislike of his known and consistent advocacy of the claims of the Roman Catholics, refused to serve with him. Extreme antagonism was excited by such proposals as that the king should no longer be said to wear his crown by the grace of God; and the animosity between the liberal and the conservative sections was driven to the highest pitch by the attack of the democratic majority of ~he diet on the army and the attempt to remodel it in the direction of a national militia. Her ominous tone did not register with him. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. a feeling of strong dislike, ill will, or enmity that tends to display itself in action: a deep-seated animosity between two sisters; animosity against one's neighbor. Happy Birthday, Mr Stuart. It may be that Philip's animosity toward her stems more from being hurt and let down by his former daughter-in-law, than actual dislike. There was an ominous silence. which makes us wet ourselves. meaning. There was animosity between the people of the two communities on each side of the bay. Across swathes of domestic policy, the mutual animosity has been the ally of stasis. : alt-facts, for example the Bowling Green Massacre, are not acceptable). At the same time they were so far from enjoying tranquillity on this account that the few notices we find of them in history always represent them as engaged in local wars among one another; and Polybius tells us that the history of Crete was one continued series of civil wars, which were carried on with a bitter animosity exceeding all that was known in the rest of Greece. He did, indeed, succeed in making Luther admit that there was some truth in the Hussite opinions and declare himself against the pope, but this success only embittered his animosity against his opponents, and from that time his whole efforts were devoted to Luther's overthrow. Full sentences are more "proper English", but some people may think it too formal, too pretentious, or as Kris commented, too sentimental. Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase. Nouns for ominous include omen, omens, omination, ominations, ominosities, ominosity, ominousness and ominousnesses. A curious illustration of this popular animosity is found in the insertion of a clause in the charters granted by Henry III. my heart is clean as the cratered moon / and the sea of darkling mood 1 day ago Playing Dice with the Universe. Cicero, in his Philippics, actuated in great measure by personal animosity, gives a highly unfavourable view of his character. 6. Most do not feel animosity toward their families for sending them into bonded labor. 0. See more. Bitter hostility or open enmity; active hatred. While guest stars are nothing new in hip hop music, this combination was symbolic of the rappers' reconciliation after several years of animosity between the two. The ostensible cause of their animosity to the king was his second marriage, secretly contracted before his accession, with the beautiful Lithuanian Calvinist, Barbara Radziwill, daughter of the famous Black Radziwill. Speeding Up Five-Sentence Character Creation 1 day ago Into the Odd. "Reyna Ramirez-Arellano" and "joking around" were not two phrases Nico ever thought would be used in a sentence together. , Use your energy to spread love not animosity! The nation's belief in justice has turned ominously cynical. I just hope that it doesn't cause any animosity between the two sets of fans. noun. When I talk to English speaking people, should I try to say full sentences or learn to drop the beginning? More example sentences ‘In recent times however, the label could be associated with an even more ominous threat.’ ‘The storm is just about to break, there's an ominous black cloud over Sheffield.’ Textual Sentence: “‘ Maybe the best I can tell you is, I’m a man; but listen lady,’ he said and paused and made his tone more ominous still, ‘what is a man?’” from Flannery O’Connor’s “The Life You Save May Be Your Own” Word: ominous Predicted Definition: mysterious or dark Student Sentence: The woods become a very ominous present at night. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Of course we're competitive but there's no personal ani As you learned in Parts of Speech, the only dependable way to tell whether you should use an adjective or an adverb is to see how the word functions in the sentence. CONSIM 6 days ago Land of Nod 2. Conflicts and Outcomes as Genre 5 days ago Luke Gearing. Such was the animosity excited against the French when their excesses were known to the Mallorquins, that some of the French prisoners, conducted thither in 1810, had to be transferred with all speed to the island of Cabrera, a transference which was not effected before some of them had been killed. Lazy Sunday on the Couch 6 days ago Wodan Gaming. But the wars with Russia and other Christian powers, and the different risings of the Greeks and Servians, helped to stimulate the feelings of animosity and contempt entertained towards them by the ruling race; and the promulgation of the Tanzimat undoubtedly heralded for the subject nationalities the dawn of a new era. The sentence keeps going, and the reader has to go back and reparse it. I received the Kindle version of this book for free in exchange for my honest review and opinion. These cookies do not store any personal information. – stangdon Nov 9 '15 at 12:37. Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. But he was what Horace was not, a thoroughly good hater; and he lived at a time when the utmost freedom of speech and the most unrestrained indulgence of public and private animosity were the characteristics of men who took a prominent part in affairs. 17 Questions Answered . The New Old Solar System 1 day ago Lovely Dark. Find out all about Ominosity : meaning, pronunciation, synonyms, antonyms, origin, difficulty, usage index and more. Is it supported by facts (n.b. How to use ominous in a sentence. It excited also the animosity of the nobles jealous of their privileges, and of the monasteries, which were called upon to furnish the revenues for the new sees. Find more words at! ominous facts: The definition of ominous is something that suggests bad things will happen soon. This collection of distichs, written in collaboration with Schiller, was prompted by the indifference and animosity of contemporary criticism, and its disregard for what the two poets regarded as the higher interests of German poetry. 3. Because Ellen’s father used to lock her in the basement, she has a lot of animosity towards him today. Examples of Ominous in a sentence. At this time religious animosity had almost died out in Ireland, and men of different faiths were ready to combine for common political objects. : Ugly thougths of Jessica and her artificial friends entered her troubled mind, making her cry out in animosity. Only at Word Panda dictionary Ask the Stars - Putting the Core to Work 1 day ago Ten Foot Pole. You, who have suffered so from the French, do not even feel animosity toward them. Speeding Up Five-Sentence Character Creation 5 days ago Into the Odd. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples 1 decade ago. It's a mistake to dwell on animosity or perceived wrongs and slights associated with any past life search. 20 Responses to “Ominosity”. Favorite Answer. The fridge is making an ominous rattling sound, which probably means a newer one.. An ominous silence hangs heavily in the air. Did You Know? ... My mantra is “Make your rules do more,” there’s 90% of D&D in one sentence. Showing page 1. Are the sentences, paragraphs, and punctuation in some sort of recognizable form (as opposed to arbitrary)? Sentence 3035579 "Iura mutata sunt." That Calvin was actuated by personal spite and animosity against Servetus himself may be open to discussion; we have his own express declaration that, after Servetus was convicted, he used no urgency that he should be put to death, and at their last interview he told Servetus that he never had avenged private injuries, and assured him that if he would repent it would not be his fault if all the pious did not give him their hands.'. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Ask the Stars - Putting the Core to Work 2 days ago From the Sorcerer's Skull. The news on Walker is more definite, and more ominous. The New Old Solar System 1 day ago The Lovely Dark. The Difference Between ominous, portentous, and fateful Synonym Discussion of ominous. After some animosity, Andy begins a friendly rivalry with the town's other medical expert Dr. Harold Abbott (played by Chris Pratt). Is it supported by facts (n.b. . SYNONYMY NOTE: ominous implies a threatening character but does not necessarily connote a disastrous outcome [the request was met by an ominous silence]; portentous literally implies a foreshadowing, especially of evil, but is now more often used of that which arouses awe or amazement because of its prodigious or marvelous character [a portentous event]; fateful may imply a fatal … Although she had been very close friends with Heather during the taping of Rock of Love and the two were rumored to have lived together after the show, they had since had a falling out and there was much animosity between them in the house. Are there sentences, paragraphs, and punctuation in it? In all these transactions, whilst full justice must be done to the force and patriotic vigour which Lord Palmerston brought to bear on the questions he took in hand, it was but too apparent that he imported into them an amount of passion, of personal animosity, and imperious language which rendered him in the eyes of the queen and of his colleagues a dangerous minister. One of these was the double-runner, or double-ripper as it was sometimes called, rather ominously. Be warned. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. The growing national German animosity added bitterness to political life, and de- parties. 2. They do not represent the opinions of In light of this situation, and being an avid reader of books on healthy eating, I expected to learn something new and pick up some new, healthy recipes. =) (I'm writing an Englsh essay, by the way.) you are as ominous as the creators of this quiz. Here are some examples. To frustrate (plans, for example) by throwing into disorder; disarrange. . The estimates were voted with regularity, racial animosity was somewhat less prominent, and some large issues were debated. D&D’s Balancing Act. Sirian and Rissa glared at each other with animosity that bespoke a brittle relationship. Socially they suffered by the outburst of religious animosity. He doesn't know about his mother feelings of animosity. A terminal research degree and one of the highest doctorates awarded by a university. , Hopefully, the peace treaty will eliminate some of the animosity between the two countries. The animosity at the time was directed at the principle, rather than the particular person. Speeding Up Five-Sentence Character Creation 1 day ago Into the Odd. An ominous message from Duncan « Example sentences with "Omineca Geanticline", translation memory. Unless gene therapy’s come on a long way, in which case we’ll all look like Orang-Utans. The warning sounds of an ominous storm made us run for cover. , Although I was very angry with my sister yesterday, I bear no animosity towards her today. At the same time it provoked the animosity of the French, who were naturally jealous of the increase of British influence on the Nile, and it also threw new responsibilities on the British nation. Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection. The broken window was an ominous sign someone had broken into our home. [Middle English animosite, from Old French, from Late Latin animōsitās, courage, from Latin animōsus, bold, from animus, soul, spirit; see anə- in Indo-European roots.] How to use ominous in a sentence. And just think – by the time you make it to eighty you won’t need to go to the hairdressers.. ill will, enmity, hostility - the feeling of a hostile person; "he could no longer contain his hostility". - Buy Eat to Live Bible: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet & 70 Top Eat to Live Diet Recipes book online at best prices in India on Despite the animosity boiling at the back of his brother's gaze, Kiki's pragmatism snapped to the forefront. Why do you have such animosity towards me when I have done nothing to you? Adverbs describe a verb, adjective, or other adverb. 3 The wheels scooped up stones which hammered ominously under the car. Ominosity. An acrimonious attack by a young Jesuit, about this time, upon his dissertation on the figure of the earth laid the foundation of his animosity against the Jesuits, with whose enemies, including J. With many paradoxes, with many criticisms which are below contempt, and many indecent displays of personal animosity - especially in his reference to Etienne Dolet, over whose death he gloated with brutal malignity - it yet contains acute criticism, and showed for the first time what such a treatise ought to be, and how it ought to be written.

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