Fixed double-row subsoilers

Fixed double-row subsoilers

Straight to stubble

  • The position of the arms in two rows offer less resistance, save consumption and doesn't get blocked up.
  • It is not necessary to use a chopper.
  • Loosens and removes the subsoil in depth, to oxygenate it, to favour the filtration of the water and the development of the roots.
  • Performs an initial work in your barren fields and making them productive.
  • Great robustness and strength. For life.
  • Its optimized geometry facilitates penetration.
  • Simple, easy to use machine.
  • Spare parts for easy installation.



To regulate the depth of work of the subsoiler and to crumble the clods of earth. It can be single or double.

Cast iron boots

Manufactured with materials that are more resistant to wear, they are suitable for especially hard terrain.

Levelling wheels

They better control the depth of work of the subsoiler. They are located to the front of the chassis and can be metallic or pneumatic.


without roller
Width with
single roller
Width with
double roller
DepthNo. of
between arms
SJ-5E-2F100-130 HP2.05 m2.44 m2.55 m60 cm540 mm47 / 94 cm710 kg
SJ-5R-2F130-160 HP2.38 m2.81 m2.90 m70 cm540 mm55 / 110 cm925 kg
SJ-5-SR50-2F140-180 HP2.41 m2.81 m2.90 m80 cm550 mm55 / 110 cm1080 kg
SJ-7-2F-440150-200 HP2.80 m3.05 m3.05 m70 cm740 mm44 / 88 cm1270 kg
SJ-7-2F150-200 HP2.98 m3.48 m3.47 m70 cm740 mm47 / 94 cm1320 kg
SJ-7-SR50-2F-440180-250 HP2.80 m3.05 m3.05 m80 cm750 mm44 / 88 cm1630 kg
SJ-9-2F225-300 HP4.38 m4.83 m4.92 m70 cm940 mm52 / 104 cm1950 kg
SJ-9-2F-PH250-350 HP4.40 m (*)4.62 m (*)4.74 m (*)70 cm940 mm50 / 100 cm2700 kg
SJ-9-SR50-2F-PH300-400 HP4.40 m (*)4.62 m (*)4.74 (*)80 cm950 mm50 / 100 cm3100 kg
(*) Model with hydraulic folding: when the machine is folded, its total width is less than or equal to 3.05 m according to current traffic regulations.

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