Terralia rollers

Terralia rollers

High quality and robustness

  • Between 5,00 m and 9,20 m real working width.
  • Three independent bodies.
    You can work with one, two or three rollers at the same time.
  • Compact folding with hydraulic safety system.
  • Exclusive system of adaptation to the terrain.
  • Nitrogen accumulator suspension.
  • Several wheel options.
  • Lights and chocks.
  • Homologated without brakes in compliance with current regulations.

Technical features

ModelWorking widthTransport widthRollers diameterApproximate weight
TER-P50001.00 m + 3.00 m + 1.00 m3.00 m710 mm3700 kg
TER-P62001.60 m + 3.00 m + 1.60 m3.00 m710 mm4500 kg
TER-P75002.25 m + 3.00 m + 2.25 m3.00 m710 mm4900 kg
TER-P80002.50 m + 3.00 m + 1.50 m3.00 m710 mm5100 kg
TER-P92003.10 m + 3.00 m + 3.10 m3.00 m710 mm5700 kg

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