Backhoe loaders

Vibroflex Vibro-cultivators

The strongest arm

  • Secondary soil work quickly and efficiently.
  • Prepares the seedbed, by crushing the topsoil.
  • Very shallow work: between 8 and 20 cm deep.
  • Very robust chasis. Long service life.
  • Reinforced arms, that are very sturdy and do not break.
  • Wide range of models, up to almost 6 meters wide.
  • Spare parts that are easy to install.



To regulate the depth of work of the cultivator and to crumble the clods of earth. It can be single or double.


To leave the ground perfectly refined and crushed, ready to sow.


Interchangeable pointers for different types of work.


No. of
DepthNo. of
VJ-7-2F040-060 HP2Fixed2.00 m8-20 cm7320 kg
VJ-9-2F050-060 HP2Fixed2.75 m8-20 cm9435 kg
VJ-11-2F060-070 HP2Fixed3.05 m8-20 cm11550 kg
VJ-11-3F050-070 HP3Fixed2.25 m8-20 cm11655 kg
VJ-13-3F070-090 HP3Fixed2.75 m8-20 cm13735 kg
VJ-15-3F090-110 HP3Fixed3.05 m8-20 cm15850 kg
VJ-17-3F110-130 HP3Fixed3.50 m8-20 cm17980 kg
VJ-17-3F-PH130-160 HP3Lateral hydraulic3.70 m (*1)8-20 cm171250 kg
VJ-18-3F-PH140-180 HP3Central hydraulic4.20 m (*1)8-20 cm181950 kg (*2)
VJ-22-3F-PH180-200 HP3Central hydraulic5.20 m (*1)8-20 cm222400 kg (*2)
VJ-26-3F-PH200-250 HP3Central hydraulic6.00 m (*1)8-20 cm262800 kg (*2)
(*1) When the machine is folded, its total width is less than or equal to 3.05 m according to current traffic regulations.
(*2) Weight with double rod roller.

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