Optimax 3

Optimax 3: subsoiler + quick harrow

The winner

  • Combination machine consisting of a classic subsoiler, a quick harrow and a roller.
  • Performs several tasks at one time: it loosens the soil in depth while grinding weeds, stubble and other plant debris from the crop, preparing the surface of the seedbed.
  • Compact design: reduces weight compared to other equipment that perform similar work.
  • Modular design: allows working individually with the subsoiler, or with the quick harrow and its roller, or with the whole set.
  • Automatic coupling.
  • Optimizes resources and minimizes costs: save up to 40% fuel.
  • Maximum return on your investment.
  • Spare parts that are easy to install.
  • Winner of the 16th prize for agricultural machinery technological innovation , Fira Agrària de St. Miquel, Lleida 2012.


Rod roller

To regulate the working depth and to better crumble earth clods. You can equip a roller with rods instead of one with blades.

Larger diameter discs

To achieve a greater depth of work.

Fins and/or cast iron boots

Fins to improve the terrain and/or cast iron boots that are more resistant to wear for especially hard terrain.

Optimax 3


DepthNo. of
No. of
Optimax3-2600120-150 HP2.60 m2.50 m25-55 cm5181800 kg
Optimax3-3000150-180 HP3.00 m2.90 m25-55 cm5222470 kg
Optimax3-3700180-220 HP3.70 m3.60 m25-55 cm7282850 kg

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