Master Till

Master Till: Bravo Till subsoiler + rapid harrow

Think big

  • Combination machine consisting of a Bravo Till subsoiler, a quick harrow and a roller.
  • Performs several tasks at one time: it loosens the soil in depth while grinding weeds, stubble and other plant debris from the crop, leaving the soil excellently cultivated.
  • For the most powerful tractors .
  • Hydraulic folding for transport.
  • Front control wheels for greater stability.
  • Rear three-point, to adapt the quick harrow or other tool.
  • Bravo Till subsoiler arms with mechanical fuse, for safety.
  • Wide clearance.
  • Automatic coupling.
  • Maximum efficiency, versatility, robustness and performance .
  • Optimizes resources and minimizes costs.
  • Maximum return on your investment.
  • Spare parts that are easy to install.

Master Till


Width of
DepthNo. of
Nº of
SJ-9-MT250-350 HP4.60 m2.70 m30-55 cm938 mm6300 kg
SJ-11-MT350-450 HP5.60 m2.70 m30-55 cm1146 mm6900 kg
SJ-13-MT450-600 HP6.60 m2.70 m30-55 cm1354 mm7500 kg

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