JYMPA loosener specially for vineyards

JYMPA loosener specially for vineyards

Pre-owned subsoiler specially designed for vineyards and woodlands. Only used in demonstrations.

It increases the sponginess and porosity of the deep layers of the subsoil, favouring the development of the roots, water circulation, and the incorporation of fertilizer in depth, without destroying the surface of the land.

Its design makes it especially suitable for loosening vineyard and tree plantation soils, where tractors always pass over the same tracks, producing a cumulative compaction that hinders the development of the roots.

  • Manufacture date: 2017
  • Width with packer roller: 2.10 m (suitable for transport by road)
  • Working depth: 45 – 55 cm
  • of arms: 2 (facing outwards)
  • Arm thickness: 15 mm
  • Weight: 650 kg
  • Power requirements: 50 – 70 HP

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